P2 10-5-16

Many people think pachymeters are all the same, but they’re mistaken. It’s true that all pachymeters can deliver an accurate measurement of central corneal thickness. But there’s a lot more to a good pachymeter than that. Here are some questions to ask yourself about your next pachymeter:

  • Can I stick it in my lab coat pocket without damaging the probe? The DGH Pachmate 2 has a retractable probe that is completely protected in the retracted position.
  • Can I get an extra probe tip (so I can disinfect one while the other is in use)? The probe tip of the DGH Pachmate 2 is easy to remove and replace. (And yes, you can purchase extras.)
  • How many buttons do I have to push before I can take a reading? With the Pachmate 2, only one step is needed: turning the unit on.
  • Can I get the readings into my computer without retyping? The DGH Pachmate 2 uses Bluetooth technology to transmit readings to any Windows computer. The system can even be set up to produce a printed report from your computer’s printer, completely automatically.
  • What if I need to measure corneal thickness in multiple locations? The Pachmate 2’s Mapping Mode gives you that capability.
  • Can I check whether the unit is still in calibration?  The DGH Pachmate 2 comes with a calibration box that lets you check calibration whenever you want. You’ll always know the unit is still accurate.
  • If I have a battery problem, can I easily get a replacement? The DGH Pachmate 2 uses off-the-shelf AAA batteries, either rechargeable or conventional. You’ll never need to special-order a replacement battery.

Only the DGH Pachmate 2 offers this set of features.