When you buy a pachymeter, do you want an instrument that is accurate, reliable, and easy to use? Those are exactly the criteria that medical researchers use, and DGH is their preferred brand.

We recently looked at the brands of ultrasound pachymeters used in research studies (as represented by the medical literature reported at PubMed.gov*) and here are the results:

pachymeters in research chart 7-6-16

In these studies, DGH pachymeters were used far more often than any competitor.

When you are in the market for a pachymeter, check with the experts. Ask around. We think you will decide, as so many ophthalmic researchers have, that DGH offers the best product on the market.

For example, our top-of-the-line Pachmate 2 (in addition to its accuracy and reliability) offers several unique features:

  • A retractable probe, so you can carry the pachymeter in your pocket without fear of damage
  • Interchangeable probe tips, so you can disinfect one while the other is in use
  • Wireless Bluetooth data transfer, so you don’t have to retype readings into your computer system

And many others. In fact, no competing pachymeter (including those from Tomey, Sonomed, Accutome, Nidek, Quantel, and Reichert) offers that combination of features.

Want to get your own Pachmate 2? You can order it here.

  • Methodology: For each pachymeter brand, we searched for all English-language documents on PubMed.gov containing “(pachymeter or pachymetry) and [brand name]”. We then examined the abstract of each publication to determine whether the brand name was mentioned in the article in connection with an ultrasound pachymeter. Date search performed: June 23, 2016.

This post was written by George Alexander [email: george at dghtechnology.com]