Here’s a remarkable statistic: the November issue of Women in Optometry reports that, in North American schools of optometry, 70% of the members of the incoming class of 2020 are women. Of the 2,035 new optometrists-in-training, 1,434 are women.

While it is no surprise that the number of female optometrists has been climbing, 70% is a new record according to Women in Optometry. Even the program with the lowest percentage of women (Northeastern State University in Oklahoma) still hit 50% (14 women out of 28 new students). And there were two programs with 80% women or more (Rosenberg School of Optometry and the University of Montreal).

The total enrollments are growing too: there are almost 100 more incoming optometry students this year than last.

You can see the full table of data for all 24 institutions here.