Ultrasound is all we do at DGH

Ultrasound is all we do at DGH

Welcome to the new DGH Technology blog! We’ll be bringing you information about the eye-care industry, about vision-related research and news, and (of course) about our company and our products. We’ll begin with a few words about what sets DGH Technology apart.

We think there are many reasons why DGH is special (and no doubt some of them will crop up in future blog posts), but for now we would like to focus on just one of them: DGH is completely dedicated to ultrasound.

None of our competitors can make that statement. In addition to ultrasound, they all offer products based on other technologies. In most cases, their ultrasound products come from a small division or subsidiary of a much larger company. Ultrasound is a minor business for them; in some cases, it appears to be a cash cow whose profits are used to support their primary business.

That’s fine for them, but it’s not our business model. Ultrasound is all we do. Yes, we recognize that the market has changed over the years, and optical technologies are competing with ultrasound in many areas. But we know there is still an essential role for ultrasound, and there is still plenty of room for innovation, as you will see in the new ultrasound products we will be bringing to market.

And we will innovate without sacrificing quality. We have to make sure that our products represent the best that the technology has to offer. Our continued success depends on offering ultrasound tools that lead the market.

That brings us back to the second question in the headline: why this blog? We will be covering many diverse topics that we hope eye-care professionals will find interesting, but one of them will be discussions of the special advantages of ultrasound technology. There are important things to say about this, and given that DGH is “the ultrasound specialist”, we want to be the ones saying them.

This post was written by George Alexander [email: george at dghtechnology.com]